Borderlands 3 Shift Codes

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes

If all of the below trivia doesn’t intrigue you to play the game, I’m sure you will be intrigued when I tell you about the Borderlands 3 shift codes.

“Destined to become a classic,” “Its arsenal of fun is unmatched,” “An absolute blast,” “A hallmark of excellence,” “An absolute masterpiece,” “A love letter to the fans.”

These and a whole lot more are the kind of reviews you will find when you search for Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is the fourth in the line of the famous “Borderlands” series.

The game had sold over 5 million copies only 5 days after it was released. It increased the Borderlands franchise’s revenue to 1 billion U.S. dollars! 

Borderlands 3 won over 3 prizes in two years after it was released. 

Intrigued? Great! Buckle up and enjoy the journey ahead of you!

Borderlands storyline 

If you have never played any game from the Borderlands series before, it is only right that you know the game’s plot.

Borderlands is an action first-person shooter game. Its plot is all about stopping the cult- leading twins, Troy and Tyreen Calypso, whose only quest is to harness the power of the alien Vaults all over the galaxy.

Well, fear not aliens, as the amazing vault hunters- played by you guys gracefully- are coming to the rescue!

What is new in Borderlands 3?

Get ready to meet the brand new Vault Hunters, the extreme treasure-seekers of the Borderlands, each with carefully designed skill trees and powers.

Choose your Vault Hunter from:

“Amara,” the fierce siren, “Moze,” the best gunner out there, “Zane,” an operative on a whole new level and finally “FL4K”, the beastmaster of the hunters! 

Feel free to customize your Vault Hunter with bazillions of exquisitely personalized abilities for each vigorous Hunter and use their skill trees to tailor these abilities according to your favorite playstyle.

Hold your breath for what’s to come…

The Vault Hunters aren’t the only amazing weapon in your arsenal! Borderlands 3 has over a billion guns with all the different features you can dream of! Some guns don’t even need to be reloaded, others can walk and hunt the enemy for you. It’s crazy, isn’t it!

Although some of these weapons will only be found on opening the golden chest, this is not a problem at all, simply because of the amazing Gearbox Software-given Borderlands 3 shift codes that we will learn about later in this article.

Also, any fight with your enemies is a chance for you to gain more weapons as you collect the gear of whomever you killed.

Last but not least, get ready to leave the desert planet “Pandora” and travel aboard your own special spaceship to explore extraordinarily exquisite worlds.

Borderlands 3 shift codes

Shift is Gearbox Software’s way of rewarding the game players, it is the platform that has all in-game promotions and rewards for all Gearbox games.

It sends subscribers Borderlands 3 shift codes to redeem through the game menu, these codes supply you with the unique Golden keys that you can use to open the Golden chests that by turn will reward you with special and rarely found walking talking weapons and other gear that will improve your arsenal for sure.

Below is a bunch of permanent Borderlands 3 shift codes that will work on all platforms:

Try this Borderlands 3 shift code to earn 3 Golden keys!


These Borderlands 3 shift codes will award you 1 Golden key:


Gearbox software regularly post-shift codes but unfortunately, they expire after a very short time so if you want to catch up with these codes easily, subscribe to their SHiFT platform, follow these accounts on social media as Gearbox also posts the codes there:

  • Gearbox Twitter

  • Randy Pitchford’s Twitter

  • Gearbox Facebook Page

And regularly search for new codes just in case. 

As said before, these codes reward you with different numbers of Golden keys, these keys give you access to the Golden chest, and the Golden chest brings you all kinds of sweet stuff. Sometimes you can earn a bunch of skins for your Vault Hunter. Other times you will earn very rare and legendary guns. The rest of the time, you will get cool loots to enjoy playing professionally. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to redeem Borderlands 3 SHiFT codes?

· Step 1: Sign up for SHiFT, go to SHiFT’s official site, and create a new account.

· Step 2: According to what platform you are using – PS4/XBOX one/Windows- link your SHiFT account via Steam, The epic store, Stadia or PS4, and XBOX consoles

· Step 3: Head to SHiFT Account Rewards page to facilitate a quick copy-paste action of the code right to the Code Redemption section. 

Or, do this anytime while you’re playing the game by going to the menu, hitting the Social tab, and then the shift section to enter the code in the middle of the game.

P.S.: make sure to choose the right platform when entering the code. 

  • Step 4: wait for the alert informing you of the number of keys you’re going to receive.

How can I use the Golden keys?

Once you have redeemed your shift code and known how many keys you got. All you need to do is head to the Golden Chest aboard your own Sanctuary III and hold your breath for the mysterious gift.

I redeemed a shift code but couldn’t find the Golden key. Why?

Because in order to receive the Golden key(s), you must accept them in the mail sent to you that you will find in the Social tab.

Only when you press the Accept button will all the keys you won be added to your inventory and be ready for you to use.

Can I use one Golden key to open the Golden chest multiple times?

Unfortunately no. Once you open the Golden chest and redeem your gift, the chest will be re-sealed and waiting for another Golden key.

An interesting theme, a bunch of cool characters and weapons and lots and lots of side quests, enemies, and worlds to explore. I honestly can’t think of a good reason not to try out this game. 

Now pack your things, keep in mind all the cool shift codes that were mentioned in this article because the aliens need your immediate help!

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