The Ultimate Guide to Getting Promo Codes for Roblox

how to get free robux

For our population as Roblox players who can’t shell out extra money to buy Robux or pay for a Premium membership subscription to Roblox, it can be very frustrating when there are so many things we want to do to upgrade our respective avatars. There are always accessories we want to buy, new items we are looking at, and even an overall look we want to create for our character.

We all know, though, that all these items are available only if you have Robux in your account. But for us who can’t pay for it, all hope still isn’t lost! We still have the option of getting items for free using promo codes for Roblox.

If you’re relatively new to the game, you might not have heard about this exciting concept yet, so let us walk you through it for a bit.

Every now and then, Roblox releases promo codes which players can use to claim virtual goods. These items are set, though—we can’t really choose the item we are given. Still, an item is an item, and it might even turn out to be something you may want to use!

Promo codes for Roblox aren’t very common though; don’t expect to receive a new item daily, because they’re just there for important events. Still, you get the chance to see something new in your character, so it’s always an exciting gift to receive!

The thing is, it can be pretty hard to keep track of everything happening in Roblox, especially if you’re new to the Roblox world.

We’ll be breaking them down to smaller pieces for you, so read on!

Promo codes for Roblox – what they are and why you should get them

Generally, promo codes for Roblox – and from Roblox, actually! – are like gifts that Roblox gives its players in celebration of holiday and special milestones for the game.

What they do is to release promo codes during special events and giveaways. The codes are your typical codes—a combination of letters and numbers, that are designed to let players claim free items or accessories for their respective Roblox accounts.

Of course, we don’t want to say no to free stuff, right? Especially if you’re just starting to play and to get a feel of how Roblox is, you can initially be apprehensive about investing money to buy Robux to help you with certain aspects of the game.

With the promo codes for Roblox, regardless if you are new or not, you still get access to many items that you can use for your account! At the very least, you are able to get a feel of how items in Roblox are like, and how you can use them for your benefit.

There’s really nothing for you to lose if you get free items from the promotional codes that Roblox gives.

Also, these items are only available for a short period of time! In a sense, they can also act as collectibles, or a personal memento for you of how long you’ve been playing Roblox already and how far you’ve come. Cool, right?

That also means though that you have to act quick once you get a valid promo code—make sure to claim it as soon as possible, lest it expires and is gone forever!

With all this excitement about free items though, still be careful and don’t be misled! It can certainly be nice to keep collecting items from Roblox promo codes, but that’s also why you have to be cautious—a lot of people have already capitalized on this desire by players, and have used it as a way to scam them.

Keep in mind that promo codes for Roblox are strictly used for items you can claim and use in game. That means that no amount of code can get you any amount of Robux! Roblox has, so far, never released a code that gave people free Robux.

That’s why, when you encounter a website or an ad or a player that tells you that they can give you Robux through the use of promo codes, you run fast to the other direction! Promo codes designed to help you get Robux do not exist, so just stay clear from them. These websites usually try to get your account information so they can steal your account, or give you malware or viruses for your machine.

Where to get promo codes for Roblox

So, how do you know which codes to look for and which ones to avoid?

The distinction can actually be pretty simple and straightforward—promo codes for Roblox are given away for free, so you can expect not to have to pay a single penny (or Robux!) to use any promo code.

Hence, if you ever encounter websites that claim to generate promo codes in exchange for a small amount of money, close that tab right away and don’t look back! These sites are out to scam unsuspecting players who want to get items for free, or for a small amount.

Websites that also ask for your personal information are to be avoided. Roblox will never ask you to provide your username and password for access to promo codes.

Instead, what you can do is to stay tuned for streams and tweets by the official Roblox account—that’s where they usually release codes, and where you can get reliable information on new promo codes as soon as they get released!

There are also websites that collate all active promo codes for Roblox. They are usually up to date, so you can expect to see which codes you can still use, and which ones have expired. These kinds of websites are usually good to use alongside your own research—that means that you can use them preferably only to crosscheck if there’s any available promo code that you still haven’t tried.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these are third-party websites and are in no way sanctioned by Roblox, so do practice some care when scouring these kinds of resources. As mentioned earlier, as soon as you get any question about sensitive information about your or your account, or as soon as you get asked to pay an amount for the code, just consider checking out a different website already.

Toy codes are a different kind of promo code for Roblox. When you official Roblox merchandise, such as action figures and playsets, you also get a redeemable code with them. These codes can then be used to unlock exclusive virtual items in Roblox. But, Roblox toys retail for a certain price, so these kinds of codes aren’t exactly free.

How to claim promo codes for Roblox

It’s very easy to exchange your promo codes for Roblox to actual items in game! It won’t even take 5 minutes of your time. All you have to do is to make sure your account is logged in before you try redeeming your code, and voila! You have a new item!

Generally, all you have to do is to follow these instructions step by step:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the Roblox account you want to receive the item in. You won’t receive it otherwise, so make sure you’re logged in to the correct account. Take note: the Roblox website is the only site you can redeem your item from!
  2. Go to the Roblox website and access
  3. Enter the code, and press “Redeem.” You should get a message that says, “Promo code successfully redeemed!” if your code still works. If it unfortunately doesn’t, you’ll instead be greeted with, “Invalid promo code.”
  4. Check your account.

That’s it! No sweat at all, right?

You don’t have to do anything else afterwards, too! The item should automatically be added to your account’s inventory—just make sure to check the correct item category when checking!

You can then use the item however you want after—you can simply change one item and use your newly acquired item, or even build a whole look around the new item you acquired. How you use it is up to you—just don’t forget to enjoy!

What can I do if I don’t have promo codes?

Now, it can certainly be difficult to wait for promo codes for Roblox; after all, it’s not like promo codes come daily, and you can’t even choose what items to get. Though the free items are a generous gift – and we aren’t discounting that! – it may not be what you need at the moment, so it can also get frustrating to keep waiting.

If you absolutely can’t wait, buying Robux is always an option. However, this requires you to spend, so just make sure to evaluate it carefully if it’s time for you to buy Robux already or not. Here are the current prices for Robux in Roblox:


One-Time Purchase

Premium Subscription


400 Robux

450 Robux


800 Robux

1,000 Robux


1,700 Robux

2,200 Robux


If that’s too costly for you, but you’re willing to spend more time for Roblox in the quest of getting more Robux, you may also try your hand at creating a new game. The Roblox Studio is free for access for everyone, and it also provides templates you can explore yourself! If this sounds like a possible, even exciting option for you, then it’s definitely worth trying out!

Who knows, players may actually like your game and spend money for it! If they do, you also get a part of the Robux they spend in your game. This is a very sustainable way for you to get some Robux… only it requires hard work on your end.


As you can see, exploring the world of Roblox doesn’t have to be so hard, after all! Content, for the most part, is generally free as well, so there’s no need for you to pay a single dime for the game. If you want a change of pace or just want to spice things up a bit, you can always do with items you get from promo codes for Roblox—they’re free and fun, so why miss out?

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